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Why We Do What We Do

Sometimes people want to know a little more about us so that we are more than just a voice on the phone or a person behind the scenes. Click around to get to know us better!

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The PMF Success Story

We worked together in the medical supply business for several years before deciding to go out on our own to start PMF in 2005.

We started really small, so we had the flexibility to come up with our service system based on what our first customers were telling us. Most of them were going to retail stores to buy the medical supplies they needed every month. They were not getting great service and product information; and if they needed assistance or a service that was outside of the bare basics, they were out of luck. Free samples? Forget about it!

As we continued to listen to a growing number of our customers, we became aware of the many tasks and responsibilities they were juggling on a daily basis. They had demanding jobs - but their passion for service to the most vulnerable was an inspiration to us. It sparked our creativity in coming up with services and systems that would make their jobs easier. For starters, we knew for sure that we could get their medical supply orders to them on time and that they could count on us for quality products that would work. Beyond that, we could service each company or individual differently, according to their unique needs.

That's what we have done for more than 10 years. It works. When you contact us, you can be confident that we will take care of you. You will get the products you need with the service you deserve. Our goal is always to make life easier for those who serve - whatever it takes.