Everybody likes to feel fresh, and cleanliness is especially important for a person who is incontinent. Basically, there are three types of wipes: baby wipes, moist wipes for adults, and dry wipes.  Which one should you choose?

Baby Wipes

You’re used to seeing these at familiar retail stores. Baby wipes are usually 7” x 7” square and they are made by major manufacturers like Kimberly-Clark or Procter & Gamble. Most baby wipes are hypoallergenic, latex-free, and contain a vitamin E and aloe blend.  They are premoistened and come in packs or cases of different quantities, depending on the manufacturer.

Adult Wipes 

The second kind of wipe is the adult size. Sometimes, adult wipes are called “washcloths”. They typically measure  8” x 12”  or 9” x 13”. Like baby wipes, they are hypoallergenic and they often have aloe and vitamin E for skin protection and moisturization. Adult wipes usually are packaged fewer per case and per pack, if you compare them to baby wipes. The advantage of using adult wipes, though, is that because you’re using a bigger wipe, you don’t use as many of them. There are lots of people still using baby wipes on grown-up bottoms, and they are using a LOT of baby wipes. Using adult wipes on adults makes sense because using fewer wipes per change saves money over time.

Dry Wipes 

The third type of wipe is an adult size wipe that is packaged dry. The size range runs slightly larger than premoistened wipes. They are typically either 10” x 12” or 10” x 13”.  The fabric composition of a dry wipe is identical to the premoistened adult wipe-it’s just that they are...well...dry. What’s missing is water, aloe and vitamin E.  The advantage of using dry wipes is that they are much more cost-effective.  Case and pack quantities are significantly larger, so you get significantly more for your money. Some people don’t consider dry wipes because they sound harsh; but really, almost all of us use dry wipes - we call it toilet paper!  Dry wipes have a fabric composition, so they feel soft.  If you don’t want to use them dry, you can always add warm water with a mild cleanser. Some people use a combo approach: a dry wipe for the initial cleanup; and a moist wipe for the final freshening.

Professional Medical Fulfillment stocks many varieties of all of these products: baby wipes, adult wipes, and dry wipes. We also have free samples of the products to help you figure out what works for you and your caring routine.  Please call PMF and ask for your free sample today!  877-516-4582.

 - Clint Chapman, Founding Owner of PMF