Do you really want to save money? Buy a more expensive, better made, higher quality product. That sounds counterintuitive, but you get what you pay for. All major manufacturers of incontinence supplies make a good, better, and best product line. 

The “good” value-buy products are okay, but they aren’t as absorbent as “better” or “best” products. If you need something more absorbent, you need something made better, with more polymer, more elastic, and leg gathers.

A good rule of thumb in deciding if you need to move up a product level is this: if you are using four to five every 24 hours, it’s is worth looking into a product that is more absorbent. You will pay a little more per each, but use fewer over time.

The main question really is whether or not the product is working for the wearer. Is it leaking? Is it comfortable? That is really what we can help with. We are consultants and we stock many brands. We don’t care which brand you end up using - we just want it to work for the individual who is wearing the product.

Use our Product Selection Survey to access our free sample program. Try other products that may help you and improve your quality of life. You will use fewer items. You will save money.


-Clint Chapman, Owner of PMF