Over the years, I have spent a lot of time consulting with purchasers of medical supplies. I’ve found that it can be overwhelming for the person(s) doing the ordering, mainly because this is not the only job they have to do. 

Decisions, decisions

There are so many options out there when shopping for medical supplies and so many companies to choose from. For the most part, medical supply companies sell similar products and the prices on these products are all relatively competitive. If you have plenty of time, you can always find a product a little cheaper at one place or another. Or if you find a company that is pretty good on price all around, then customer service isn’t on top of it. 

Many purchasers wind up using several suppliers to save money, only to find that they are spending too much time shopping around and keeping up with too many receipts. So is it really worth it just to save a few dollars in exchange for so much of your time?  I know this can be very frustrating and I want to offer a solution. 

How to make the decision you need to (and feel good about it)

How do you find a company that offers products at a fair price while providing great customer service every time? Is it possible to feel comfortable not shopping around for every order? This may sound cliché, but, look no more! PMF offers all your medical supplies at a fair price, has excellent customer service, and will manage your supply ordering for you.

Here is what I mean. After many years of working with providers and purchasers of medical supplies, we have found that relationships and service are what have been missing all along. It is not really all about the price. Imagine if you could eliminate searching for prices and products, knowing that these two things are already taken care of. With dependable customer service, you can begin to develop a relationship with your supplier.

At PMF, we focus on developing a relationship with our customers. We work on understanding their needs first so we can provide the excellent customer service that’s needed. This part is just as important if not more important than finding products at a fair price because there are so many products out there to choose from and prices can range depending on the need. The fact is, there is simply not enough time to research all the products out there. That is why we want you to depend on us to do that for you. Trust is a must when partnering with a company to supply your medical supply needs. When you entrust us to be your shopper, you have more time to do the tasks that you need really to get done. 

How to get the process started

How does this work? First, know your budget. Think about this. If you get all the products that you need but overspend your budget, that can cause another problem, right? When you give us a budget to work with, we can find the best product to fit your needs while also staying within your budget. In fact, we have specialized in matching products with the people, while staying within their budgets, for fifteen years.

So, in other words, our relationship becomes key to earn your trust so that you can give us your budget. We then can get to work for you to find the best products for you to fit within that budget. Then everyone is happy! Once this part is accomplished then customer service comes in to play.

What’s different about your customer service?

Our customer service is the main reason most of our customers cross the street to shop with us.  I think you will agree that anything less than good customer service can add a whole lot of stress to your job. We consider customer service such an important component that we have a set of service guarantees that apply to every customer:

1.     We give you free shipping always no matter how small the order. The reason we do this is that we know you cannot calculate shipping cost into a budget. How frustrating is it when you think you have saved x amount of dollars on products (after spending a lot of time shopping around) only to get the bill and see that shipping costs were tacked on to the total? Our free shipping guarantee solves this problem. Your price as PMF is the price you pay and no more.

2. No hassle for returns or pickups. If you have been ordering supplies for very long, you know that there will be times when you order the wrong thing, or maybe something doesn’t work out like you thought it would, and you need to return products. Our company guarantee is that we will not charge you for returns or pick-ups—and we make it easy to do. Your personalized customer service specialist will be your go-to contact for when this happens.  Just call or email them with what you need to have picked up and it is done and credited back to your account. Simple as that. 

3. Personalized Customer Services Specialists.  As a PMF customer, you will be assigned your very own representative who will develop a relationship with you and will help you manage your account. You have your own resource person who knows your account and budgets. You will not be transferred multiple times trying to get someone to help you. Your customer service specialist is very knowledgeable about our wide array of products and will be able to help you choose the best options for any situation and need. 

4. Auto-ship options. When you have products that need to be delivered on a regular basis, we can put those products on an auto-ship, so that they arrive on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. You can cross that repetitive order task off your to-do list so you can focus on things that are really important to you. 

5. Customized reporting. We send you a customized report as often as you need one so that you don’t have to take time out of your day to keep track of what you are ordering. No worries about organizing receipts! Your reports will be made to your specifications so that you won’t need to spend time going over financials. Your reports can be as complex and detailed as you want—or as simple as you need. 

What’s next?

If this all makes sense or even if it sounds too good to be true, then contact us and experience the PMF difference. Simply schedule a consult call to see how PMF can help you with your supply ordering. We really want to help you and to develop a relationship with you. If we couldn’t make your job easier by saving you time and money then we wouldn’t be in business today. Let us see how we can help. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Call 877-516-4582 anytime from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm, Central Time.


—by Derek Brown

Derek is a Regional Account Manager for Professional Medical Fulfillment.