Imagine what it would be like if there weren’t dressing rooms to try on clothes before you bought them. What if someone brought you clothes home that you were to wear on a daily basis without you having the chance to try them on to see if they fit to your liking? We all know that one size doesn’t fit all. We all have different body types, shapes, and sizes. With this being said, I think that you would agree that it is important to try on multiple different sizes and brands of clothes before committing to purchasing, especially in bulk, right? 

It is the same way with incontinence products. There are many different sizes, brands, absorbencies, and options to choose from. Many times, I hear from consumers that the incontinence products they are using don’t work or fit comfortably. Unfortunately, these consumers were more than likely never given the chance to sample all of the different brands before purchasing. There are a couple of reasons why. Either they didn’t realize that there were more than just a few brands to choose from, or they could not find a company to let them sample all of the different brands available to them before deciding on the perfect fit. 

At PMF we have a sampling program that lets our customers do just that. We carry most all the different brands, sizes, and absorbencies there are available–many you will not find in big-box retail stores. 

This is how it works.

Once we get some basic information about the customer’s specific needs and size, we then mail them an abundance of samples to try before they buy. It’s like a dressing room shipped to your door to try in the comfort of your own home. Once the perfectly fitted product is found, the customer then takes the item number from the sample pack and calls us back with their order. It’s simple as that. 

Please take advantage of our sample program before placing your next order for incontinence products. 

Have a blessed day and sample away!


—by Derek Brown

Derek is a Regional Account Manager for Professional Medical Fulfillment.