At PMF, we consider our customers like part of our family. It’s how we have grown our business since we started in 2005. I believe it is the number one reason most of our customers are loyal to us and cross the street to shop with us rather than shopping with our big-name competitors. We don’t always get to meet our customers in person, but we do get to talk on the phone often, and we follow each other on social media accounts and so forth. 

I wanted to take this time to share some things that maybe you didn’t know about PMF—since you are, after all, part of our family!

1. Clint Chapman, one of the owners, used to walk to work in the early years of PMF. He has shared this story with me several times and I get chills every time I hear this part of the story. I recall him saying, “Sometimes I would walk to work wondering, what in the world have I done?” Then the phone would ring and he would get excited again. It was a roller coaster ride the first couple of years, to say the least.  

2. We haven’t always been “PMF”. We started out as "ProMed", and many of our early customers still call us by this name today. We decided to change the name to PMF after one of our customers began ordering from another ProMed that they googled on the internet while trying to find us! We did a search ourselves to learn that there were pages of other ProMed companies out there, so Brian and Clint felt like a name change was a must. We still consider our company the REAL ProMed. ; )

3. Our staff is really like a family. We care for one another and treat each other like family even though we are not kin by blood. We often eat breakfast together, have holiday meals together, we are friends outside of work. Even our kids are friends. We have found that family isn’t always by blood but by those who love you back. We certainly do love each other back around here.

4. When people come to PMF, they don’t want to leave. That goes for employees and customers. Ninety percent of our employees have been with working with PMF for over 5 years and ninety percent of people who have ordered from PMF come back regularly. These percentages are probably higher but I wanted to stay conservative. The owners of PMF always say that if we take care of our employees, then they will take care of our customers. That has proven to be true so far. 

5. Our company headquarters is based in the great state of Alabama—Opelika, Al to be exact. Although we do ship products all over the country, most of our staff are based in Alabama. (The exception is our VP of Marketing, Joan Van Veen. She works remotely out of Lakeland, Florida.) If you are ever passing through Opelika, coming down I-85, take exit 62 and we are just a few short miles away. We would be glad to have you visit us! 

I hope you enjoyed learning more about PMF. We would love to know something interesting about you as well. So please feel to leave comments, if you would like to share. Hope everyone has a blessed day. We are stronger together!

Derek_s_signature_image - Derek Brown, Territory Manager at PMF