Tell me a little about how the idea for founding the company came about.

We became aware that the developmental disabilities community was being underserved along with the people who serve them. They were not getting the service we thought they should get. 

What was your most important dream associated with starting the company?

The most important dream in 2005 was to have the freedom as a small business owner to follow my instincts and build something from nothing. I loved the creativity involved in being a small business owner.

What challenges do you remember facing during your first year in business?

When we started, Brian and I shared a cell phone and a van. We were competing against companies that were established, so we were struggling. I was dealing with the learning curve of starting a business and getting to know the needs of our customers. We took the orders and did the deliveries - we were doing it all. We wore every hat there was. We felt like we were taking care of just the urgent things - constantly.

What did you do to overcome your challenges?

We had to be persistent over time. We had to innovate the next service and then the next. One thing at a time because we needed to and wanted to. And we had to keep a positive attitude.

What do you think were the most important changes that happened in the early years of PMF?

Finding and communicating the message of the company was the first thing to really impact our growth. We want to make life easier for people who serve.

What are the most important changes you have noticed within the last couple of years?

The biggest one is our focus as a team on each other - to really build an environment in which everybody is contributing and has skin in the game. We have honed in on something really special, and  what we are able to accomplish together is bigger than what we can even dream about.

What do you think are the most important things that have NOT changed about the company?

The human element. All of us have relationships with customers. Our customer relationships are really the cornerstone of our business.

Is there anything else you would like to share about the company goals, culture, or direction?

The greatest thing about free enterprise is that it makes people better. The competition in the market always makes you stronger and makes you strive to always improve. Over the past 15 years, we have learned to crawl and then walk - and now, we're about to get our driver's permit! In my mind, I feel like we are just getting started. Onward and upward. We have a front-row seat to see what God will do through a group of people who are unified and who trust one another.

What aspects of your role do you enjoy the most?

What I enjoy most is encouraging and helping our team grow as leaders and as people. To be a part of that is really, really cool. Back in 2005, we were just focused on paying the light bill! And I love telling the story of our company.

What's the coolest thing you are working on right now?

I am currently making commercials for the company and trying to develop our social media piece. That's fun!

Okay, now for even more fun—learning a little about your personal life! Where did you grow up?

Montgomery, AL.

Tell me a little about your family.

My dad was a college basketball coach. My mom was a music teacher in her early career and then ran the church daycare until she retired. I have 2 brothers and a sister - I am the oldest. My wife Christie and I have been married for 28 years. We have three daughters - Allie (20), Emma (19), and Lucy (17). For a long time, we did not think we would be able to have children! Being the dad of three daughters has made me the best version of myself possible. 

We have also had a lot of pet family members over the years: 3 dogs, 9 cats, 5 horses, 3 hermit crabs,  8 fish, and a hamster. (We are down to 1 cat, 1 horse, and 3 dogs, now.)

What's your favorite family tradition?

Going to our family reunion every summer in St. Simons Island, GA. It started with just siblings, but it has grown a lot with extended family. We had 104 people there this year.

What's your favorite movie of all time?

I can't narrow it down to just one. Here's my top three: Shawshank Redemption, A Few Good Men, The Empire Strikes Back.

What song have you listened to more than once this week?

Lonely Night in Georgia by JOHNNYSWIM.

If you could leave one thought with our customers, what would that be?

You need to be ordering from our company. We're going to give you the service you deserve.

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