When did you start working for PMF?

In May of 2013.

Describe your role here.

I send out invoices out to clients and make sure all of those invoices get paid.

What do you like best about your career at PMF?

It is a family-oriented business. You are not just working for someone, you are working with someone to make a successful business.

Tell me a little about your family.

Well, I have one daughter Jessica. She is married and has two beautiful girls. My husband is retired Army. I also have a grown stepson who is married and has two beautiful children.

How do you like to spend your weekends?

Just hanging out around the house, I am kind of a homebody. I have 5 beagles, 1 big mutt dog, and a cat, so they keep me pretty busy.

What holiday do you and your family enjoy most?

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. They are all about family. (I can't pick just one!)

Here's a random question for you: imagine the most amazing adventure ever. Where would it be, and what would make it fantastic?

It would be a trip across the United States with my husband, kids, and grandchildren, stopping and seeing all of the beautiful countryside this great nation has.