When did you start working for PMF?

I started in February of 2014. My permanent hire date was in May of 2014.

Describe your role here.

I'm a Customer Service Representative. I manage budgets, send out supplies, and schedule out orders per the individuals' needs. I create reports for clients that need to know in detail items that have been ordered in the past. I respond to emails and answer the phone and take order requests daily. There are several other things that we do daily to provide the best customer service that we can to our individuals.

Wow, that's quite a list! What do you like best about your career at PMF?

That we are family-oriented. We are a company that is based on relationships! We aren't a company that just takes care of our clients, providing the needs of their family members. That's really important to us, but we also make sure that we take care of each other here inside our office as well and to me, that is the best part of my career here at PMF.

It's wonderful to feel that way about your workplace. Now, a little about your personal life. What did you listen to on the way to work today?

Country music.

Hmm, are you a musician yourself? Do you have any hidden talents (or anything you love to do) that you don't get a chance to use much at work?

I love being crafty/creative. I tend to be a "little" extra when I get a DIY project inside my head.

Sounds like fun! Tell me about your family.

I have a 7-year-old son named Kolton who is in the 2nd grade. We have 4 dogs, Remi, Jax, Bella, and Ranger.

And what's your favorite movie of all time?

It's definitely a tie between "Sweet Home Alabama" and the "Notebook".

What's your favorite meal to make at home?

Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole!

I would love to get your recipe for that. What's the one thing you will absolutely positively NEVER eat?

Green peas (*GROSS*).

Okay, no green peas - nor any other color. Let's think about something else. What three things are still on your bucket list?

1. I want to see at least one game at every SEC baseball and football stadium. 

2. I want to visit as many states as I can—at least once—before I die.

3. I want to swim with dolphins!

Contact Megan: mfuller@choosepmf.com