God made the Sabbath for man, not man for the Sabbath. That’s one of my favorite quotes. It’s a teaching from Jesus, and put simply, God created the Sabbath day so that you can rest. He didn’t create you so that you could make a bunch of rules up to tell people how to rest on the Sabbath—which brings me to the topic of this blog: company policies. 

I get it. You need rules to operate a business. There must be ways to ensure that employees come to work on time, work certain hours, interact in certain ways with fellow employees and customers, and so on. But when rules become more important than people, the company or the institution loses. 

This is what I mean. Think of your cell phone provider, or your satellite or cable provider, or any utility company that you might call. After you have listened to the automated computer voice talk to you, finally you get a real person. You are now ready to ask the question, or to ask the company for some help, or to request something. You are all braced and ready to get recited back some rule or company policy that is gonna not help! Let’s face it. Company policies are not created for customers. They’re created for the benefit of the company. 

We really try to treat customers differently at Professional Medical Fulfillment. We don’t have any company policies that get in the way of taking care of our customers. Bottom line: if we ship something to the wrong address, we’re gonna pick it up and ship it to the right address. If you get a product you don’t want, we’re gonna exchange it for the product that you do want. If you want your bill sent a certain way, we’re gonna send it to you that way. If there’s a product that you want us to stock for you so you can order it, we’re gonna stock it for you so you can order it. If you need a sample or some information on a product, we’re gonna get it to you. 

We want our customers to want to order from us. We want you to call us and to interact with a human and not just any human; but a person who knows your account, knows the products you order, and knows your preferences. We want to build a relationship with you. I know it sounds too good to be true, but in fact, it really is true. The customers who currently order from us know it to be true. This is really what sets our company apart. We care about our customers. We want the interaction with you. We want to know what’s working and what’s not working, so we can change what needs to be changed and continue to do what does work. 

My father is a basketball coach. I learned many things from watching him. As I reflect back I am more and more impressed with the task each year of assembling a team. Most of the time, it was a new team each season, with some returning and some new players. He would spend much time recruiting the right players for the right position, testing the players through practice, coaching, and personal instruction. All to get the right player in the appropriate spot to best serve the team and to win basketball games.

I watched many times, as he would pull out his pen and paper and write his roster out...name, height, position. Over and over again. In his mind, he was thinking through who was improving, who needed help, who was gonna start, who would substitute for who, who could play multiple positions, how his team would match up against the upcoming competition. Over and over he was writing down his roster and continually evaluating, strategizing, planning. Now that I am a business owner and leader of people. I find myself doing this same thing. I am continually evaluating, thinking of ways to improve, making sure we have the right people in the right positions. All to make sure our customers are getting the best possible experience with PMF.

Sure, there is always room for improvement, personally for our staff and in our processes and strategy as a company. I am so proud of the team we have at PMF.  And we will never stop learning, strategizing, and planning, in order to be the best we can be for you, our customer.

I love my job. I love serving our customers. So back to the beginning, if I may, God created this company so that we could serve our customers. God didn’t create this company so that our customers could serve us. We are here because we have customers. We are here because of you, and we thank you. Our company policy is to serve you.

- Clint Chapman, PMF Founding Owner