With all the uncertainty and confusion going on in the world today, specifically about the COVID-19 fears of what is to come, I wanted to take a minute to encourage everyone during this time of crisis. 

Keep your attitude positive

One thing that we can be certain of is this: we will get through this, together. How do I know? Because throughout the history of mankind we have always found solutions to the many problems that have challenged us. So far, we have proved time and time again to get through 100% of the time.  Not only will we get through this, but we will come out on the other side better than we were before. 

Keep your focus positive

One thing that I am certain of is that God will not allow anything to happen that is not in alignment with his plan. His ways are perfect. Yes, we may go through struggles and heartaches, but in the end we always come out stronger and wiser than before. Keeping your mind on the end result is key in dealing with the storms that arise in your life. When we stay focused on the knowledge that we are becoming something better and more than our current state, we can have a calm mind. 

Keep your emotions positive

We have within us the answers to the problems that life may bring from day-to-day. Keeping a calm mind is the key to tapping into these answers. Staying positive and keeping a calm mind will not only get us through this, but we will come out stronger and better than before. 

Remember that anxiety and worry are nothing but emotions and your body’s reaction to the way you interpret information that you allow in your mind. As you go about your day be very careful what you let into your mind and how you interpret it. We may not have control of things that happen, but we do have the ability to choose how we will respond. I encourage you to choose the response of hope. Hope is stronger than doubt and fear. As you keep your mind in a hopeful state, your anxiety and worries will decrease. 

Continue hoping because whatever it is that we feed will grow stronger. We want to keep hope growing and not fear. Fear is paralyzing but hope gives us power. When we stay hopeful, we gain power—and it all starts in the mind. 

Keep your relationships positive

The last thing I want to say is that we have to join together, not fight against each other. Two is always better than one and three is even better! This is true not just during the trying times but after the smoke clears as well. Imagine if we would stay united after we have conquered this COVID-19 and how good that would be. Let’s use this trying time as a rallying point for all humans to come together as one and build something that no man or evil spirit can tear apart. 

We are always stronger together. Let’s do this! 

Derek_s_signature_image - Derek Brown, Territory Manager at PMF

Derek is a US Marine Corps veteran with a podcast called Encouragement 4 Life. If you need more encouragement, check it out!