If you have an incontinent person in your home, you will soon be doing battle against two relentless foes: odor and stains. Don’t despair. There are steps you can take and products you can use to incontinence-proof your environment.

Odor Eliminators

Go ahead. You can get rid of that clothespin on your nose because there is a better way.  You have probably tried air fresheners before, with less than satisfactory results. Odors from urine or feces can be really tough to get rid of. What you need is an odor eliminator that targets those odors. You need a biological odor eliminator spray. These safe and effective products neutralize odors in the air by absorbing them and reducing bacteria. There are several different kinds, and they are available in unscented or scented versions.

There are also odor eliminators for fabric. Use these on bedding and other soft surfaces. For larger urine accidents on upholstery, you may want to try a product specifically formulated for deep cleaning. Odor eliminators for fabric can also be used as laundry additives to remove odors from clothing.

Last, but definitely not least, you should keep a surface sanitizer on hand.  Reduced bacteria means reduced odor—and you will feel better, too.  Spray disinfectants are good for this purpose, and surface disinfecting wipes can be even better.

Hygienic Bags and Disposal Systems

Scented disposal bags are handy and inexpensive for controlling the odor of used diapers in your trash can.  They come in a dispenser box and are designed for one use/one diaper - nothing extra needed.  They are good for home and away, so get at least a couple of boxes.  

If your family member goes through a lot of diapers daily, you may want to consider a disposal system:  think Diaper Genie for grown-ups.  They work in a way that’s very similar.  They include a special unit that works with disposable tubular liners.  The liner can be twisted off and cut to any size - to dispose of one or several diapers; along with gloves, wipes and surface disinfectant wipes.

I hope this information will help you improve your personal environment.  It will go a long way toward lifting your spirits!

—Joan Van Veen, VP of Marketing