Decisions, Decisions

The good news is that there are lots of choices out there for incontinence products. The bad news: it can be very time-consuming to sort out exactly which ones work best for each individual. And if you feel a bit confused about the different absorbency terms, you are not alone. There is a reason for that. Labels like "super", "ultra", "heavy", "moderate" are not required to be consistent on incontinence products. There are no real definitions. Instead, each manufacturer chooses the labels they think work best to describe their own products. The only real way to determine which products will work best for an individual is to try several of them out and that could be a pricey undertaking.

Try Before You Buy

Trying before you buy would not be an option if you were buying from Walmart - but PMF offers a totally free, no-obligation sample program. To help you narrow down your samples in order to raise your chances of finding the perfect product quickly, we encourage you to fill out our handy Product Selection Survey. If we have that information, we can assist you much better. Click on the green button to get started!

 - Joan Van Veen, Mom of Two Guys with Autism and VP of Marketing