Ordering medical supplies can be a tedious task. It can become burdensome for companies that handle the myriad tasks that go along with waivers, budgets, and client care.  Ordering supplies can be time-consuming, and making sure every client stays within budget and receives his order on time every month can be stressful. 

Medical supplies purchasers will usually find a vendor that will set up a price list and distribute the supplies— but this is a small piece of the puzzle.  The real test comes when things don't go as planned.  What happens when the wrong product is delivered?  What about those unexpected shipping, restocking, and administrative fees? What happens when the product you need is out of stock? What if I run out of supplies too soon? Most importantly, where is a real person I can talk to when issues come up?

PMF offers a new way for you to set up your supply ordering without all of the hassles. We have been working with providers, case managers, facility directors, purchasers, and families since 2005, and have come up with a system that makes ordering supplies less stressful and more reliable. We can take away the repetitive tasks of ordering supplies once and for all. By implementing the PMF system, purchasers will have more time to take care of their clients. They can deal with administrative tasks, care plans, and the many other tasks they have on their plate. We take the pressure off. We take responsibility for making sure that the clients get the supplies that they need when they need them, all while staying within the allotted budget.

Whether it's just one client, one group home, one facility or a thousand, the system will accommodate for size and set companies up for growth, all while maintaining 100% accountability. When you partner with PMF, you can be confident that each client or individual gets the best products to fit their needs—and you get a real person to talk to. I encourage you to learn more about how PMF can help you with medical supply ordering for your company today. If you would like a PMF system consultant to come to sit down with you and your team and discuss being a partner with you, please contact us at 1- 877-516-4512.


Derek Brown is a Regional Account Manager for PMF.