Price versus quality versus quantity. We all make those decisions on a daily basis. We don’t even think about wrong choices between price versus quality versus quantity versus service. For example, it’s a whole lot cheaper for me to cut my own hair. You know, get the clippers out, shave my head. It might look okay, but I prefer to pay someone for the service of cutting my hair because they can make it look better. They went to school to learn how to do it, so I’m willing to part with my money for the service. I can also wash and press my own shirts, and a lot of people do that. However, I prefer to pay the dry cleaner. All I have to do is drive up, pick up my shirts, and take them home. This is no different from the services that we provide for the people that order from our company. We provide a number of services. I’ll highlight just a few. 

We make it a priority to have the products you need when you need them. 

We stock a number of leading brands and commonly ordered medical supplies—from incontinence items, baby diapers, pull-ups, washcloths and wipes to first aid supplies. We carry bandages, skincare products and all of the general feeding products like Ensure and Boost. The main thing that we want to do is stock and provide the supplies that you need to order and have those ready to ship out to you.

You can subscribe to an order. 

We can provide automatic replenishment of the supplies you use most. Most people use the same amount of these products on a monthly basis. We set up a way for your products to come automatically. They need to show up. You don’t need to run out of these products, because if you do, it can get pretty stressful at your house!

You can at any time change amounts. You might want to change vanilla Ensure to the chocolate Ensure. You might want to go down a size on a product, or you might want to add something to your order. So the idea is that you can make the changes only occasionally so you don’t have to really think about reordering. The changes will be made as needed. When the changes are made, your order will keep coming automatically as you want it to.

You can get free samples.

That’s a service you won’t get at the local pharmacy or big-box retail store. The great thing about our free samples program is that you may not be able to find what you need at the local pharmacy or the big box retail stores. They only stock a few supplies or brands. We carry all of them, so you’ll be able to have a discussion with us about what your needs are, and we can send you a package of samples to try. 

Trying samples first can give you the knowledge and information to make the best decision on how to care for your loved one and also make the best decision about the price, quantity, and quality. Then you’re in the driver seat. You can make an informed decision because we’re providing you the information about product features, benefits, price, and case count; all the things you need to know to make the best choices.

You can talk to a human.

We actually have humans that answer the phone. In fact, you can call and ask for the same person every time. We’ll talk to you and help you with concerns, information, or whatever. We’ve always done that as a company and it's very important to us.

We want to provide a buying experience for our customers that is awesome. So back to getting back to my haircut, yes, I would rather pay someone the money to cut my hair just like I like it—and have the same person cut my hair. They know how I want to look. Our services enable us to build a relationship and continued service with our customers for the long term. We want you to be happy with us. We want you to get the products you order (and let’s face it, this service really is the most important part!). When you need something, when you get ready to spend your money, yes, you want to pay a competitive price. But we all know there’s more to the relationship. The connection and the service are what drives all of us back to using the companies that we use. We know they’re dependable. We can count on them and that’s really the main thing. 

 - Clint Chapman, Founding Owner