As the industry has seen shortages in many product categories, but the current COVID-19 pandemic continues to create challenges when It comes to both supply and cost, specifically in the glove market. New facility protocols, stockpiling, and overall uncertainty around the future of the pandemic are all resulting in an unprecedented global demand for gloves. These compounding factors are putting a great amount of pressure on the supply chain and limiting already unstable product availability.  All of this is causing strain on manufacturing capacity and driving significant cost increases.


How is this impacting glove supply?

Supply is also constrained on the production side, due to a variety of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Shortages of some primary raw materials (i.e. raw nitrile). These are driven both by demand and production restrictions imposed during the pandemic.
  • Manufacturing delays.  Lockdowns and plant shutdowns are still impacting the market—and other Covid-19 safety workforce measurements and restrictions are causing further delay.
  • Inability to rapidly increase production capacity. Unlike other forms of PPE, glove manufacturing is a process that is not easily replicated and requires significant investment to enter or expand. Other types of manufacturing operations are not easily pivoted towards gloves.

How will this factor into glove costs?

Market-leading manufacturers have announced multiple significant glove cost increases as well as ongoing limits on supply. We have made efforts to keep your pricing stable and free from increases as long as possible. Unfortunately, we expect supply and demand challenges to continue in the near-term. As a result, we will be implementing cost increases on all nitrile and vinyl gloves effective in January. Your Inside Account Manager or Sales Representative will contact you soon with further details regarding specific pricing—or you can call us right away at