As a caregiver for my elderly parents and my disabled son, I get to use a lot of our products. Some of them I especially love! TENA Bathing Gloves is one of those products. In fact, it’s a product that anybody can love, caregiver or not. Here’s why.

You choose the temperature

The worst thing about regular moist washcloths—or “wipes”—is the chilly temperature against the skin. Brrr. I use lots of adult washcloths in my household and they are great for cleaning up the worst messes and I really couldn’t live without them, but they can be uncomfortable for the person being wiped.  My mom hates being cold! I use Bathing Gloves for overall body cleansing. They can be safely microwaved for warmth. (Be sure to follow the heating directions on the package!)

Perfect for sensitive skin

My dad is 95, and he has sensitive and fragile skin. Bathing Gloves are very soft, and they are available in scented or unscented varieties, so they will not irritate the skin. No rinsing is required. Wiped areas dry to a clean touch—no sticky residue. I also find that his skin is left less dry than it would be with a soap-and-water washcloth.

They encourage independence

My adult son, Collin, is on the severe end of the autism spectrum. Developing skills to be more independent is especially important for him. He has trouble using a regular washcloth. How much soap is too much? How much water makes the washcloth too drippy? And how to wring it out and drape it over his hand?!? We use washcloths so naturally, but for him, there are lots of steps to think about. 

With Bathing Gloves, he can just stick his hand inside the glove. Which is actually more like a mitten, and I am glad. If it were exactly like a glove, that would present more problems for Collin! Anyway, the “Gloves” eliminate most of the washcloth steps for Collin.

Great for travel

We take road trips as a family. Bathing Gloves are just the thing to have in the car for after-snack clean-up. (My husband loves Cheetos. You get the picture.) There is no other product we have found that is quite like Bathing Gloves. We also discovered that you can use them…and then turn them inside out and use them again! We never leave home without them.

I would not choose TENA Bathing Gloves for big messes nor to eliminate baths or showers altogether, but they are perfect for those quick clean-ups after meals, for instance, or for a quick freshening in hot weather. They can be a life-saver for an elderly or ill person too, who may find daily showering difficult. 

If you don’t have a handicapped person in your home, you may still love bathing gloves for your family! Don’t forget them on your next road trip.

Joan_in_a_circle_resized_100_x_100 - by Joan Van Veen, VP of Marketing at PMF