I talk with families every day who need to order diapers, underwear, and other supplies. I have noticed there are a number of catchall terms for incontinence products. The obvious ones, of course, are “diapers” and “pull-ups”.  Someone might request a “diaper” they could depend on; while someone else might actually mean they want the brand-name, “Depend”, which is made by Kimberly-Clark! Even more frequently, I have observed that some people use “Depends” as a generic term for any adult incontinence product, be it pull-on underwear or briefs (with tab fasteners). The same is true for pediatric products. Some customers want to know about our price on “Pampers”. Now, they may actually be asking about the Pampers brand which is made by Procter & Gamble—or they may be using the term “Pampers” as a catchall phrase for baby diapers.  


Over the years, we have found that asking clarifying questions is essential. We want to make sure we know exactly what the needs are. The main consideration is absorbency. While it’s true that the individual may need a more absorbent brief (adult diaper) or protective underwear (adult pull-on style), perhaps they simply need a more appropriate size. Maybe inserting a booster pad would solve the problem more economically. If a more absorbent brief or underwear is really needed, all of our manufacturers offer a range of products to suit various absorbency needs. To help our customers select the right products, we have a Product Selection Guide that you can fill out right on our website! The Guide will assist you in getting free samples, too. Here are some of the questions we use:

•  Does the individual need diapers or pull-ups during all or part of the day? At night?

•  Is he or she able to use the bathroom independently?

•  Is the individual using diapers or pullups for urine only?

•  How many diapers or pullups is the individual currently using per day?

Click HERE to use the Guide and request free samples.

We would be glad to assist you personally in finding the right product for your loved one or client. Once we narrow down what is needed, we will send you free samples to determine the best fit and function for the individual in your care. Questions? Call us at 877-516-4582.

 - Clint Chapman, Founding Owner of PMF