Youth Diapers

Youth Diapers

If your child is in that hard-to-fit, in-between size between baby diapers and adult briefs, try our youth briefs. Briefs that are too large or too small can leak or simply be uncomfortable to wear. Some of our briefs are designated specifically as youth briefs; others are an adult brief in an extra-small size.

Youth briefs have tab fasteners and are more absorbent than pull-on styles. If your child is unable to use the toilet independently, briefs are the best choice. If your child is toilet trained during the day but has frequent, heavy incidents at night, youth briefs might be your best option, as well. Not sure? Ask us for a sample.

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  • Wings™ Plus Youth Briefs


    Locks fluid in and neutralizes odors.

  • Prevail® Briefs


    Full-fitting brief designed for maximum protection.

  • Tranquility® Slimline® Youth Briefs


    High-performance briefs deliver superior absorbency.

  • TENA® Briefs In Small Sizes


    TENA® quality in smaller sizes.

  • Select® Toddler Plus Briefs


    Fits children 28 - 42 pounds.

  • Attends® Extra Absorbent Breathable Briefs


    Flexible tabs refasten anywhere on the brief.

  • Abena Abri-Form Junior Briefs


    Extra protection on the sides, front and back to prevent leaks.

7 Item(s)