Youth Underwear

Youth Underwear

Youth underwear most often is used by kids who are potty trained, but who wet the bed at night. Our youth pants are very absorbent but have a cloth-like feel for comfort and dignity. They are designed for school-age children.

Youth underwear can also be used 'round the clock by children who are able to use the toilet independently, but who have frequent daytime as well as nighttime wetting episodes.

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  • Sleep Overs® Youth Underwear


    Super absorbent leakage protection keeps kids and beds dry.

  • Curity™ Youth Underwear


    Provides overnight protection.

  • Comfees® DriNite Youth Underwear


    Super dry core keeps your child dry all night.

  • GoodNites® Youth Underwear


    All night protection for girls and boys with the look and feel of real underwear.

  • GoodNites Tru-Fit Underwear Starter Pack


    Real fabric underwear with absorbent inserts for girls and boys.

5 Item(s)