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You might notice some item number changes this month—while most of our numbers will not change. So which ones are changing? 

Some of our numbers have letters at the beginning, and some are all numbers. Only the 8-digit numbers will be changing. Everything else will stay exactly the same.

You can still search for any items using the old numbers you are used to. However, if you use our Quick Order/shopping list form, you will need to start using the new item numbers right away.

You can download an Excel spreadsheet that will help you convert from the old numbers to the new ones here. Or if you prefer a PDF, you can get that here. If you want to learn more about the changes, you can get information here. 

We want to make this transition easy for you. Please contact us if you need help or if you would prefer us to email the conversion list to you. You can call us at 877-516-4582 or send us a message using our contact form, here.

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